Tippesaukee Farm Wallpapers
Circa late 1890s.  A set of three matching patterns reproduced  for Tippesaukee Farm, in Blue River, WI.  Pictured here as it comes off the bolt.

Note:  The reflective accents throughout are copper, gold and mica (pearlessent.)  

Tippesaukee Ceiling

$58. per roll

Width: 18"

Repeat:  9 1/2"

Each roll covers 22 square feet.

Tippesaukee Frieze

$24. per yard

Height:  18 1/4"

Repeat:  19"


Tippesaukee Wall

$58. per roll


Width:  18"

Repeat:  15 3/4"

Each roll covers 22 square feet.

Note:  For our purposes, a "roll" is a unit of measure equaling 15 linear feet of paper.  Rather than speak of "singles" and "doubles", we ship our paper in the longest possible lengths, often 5 or 6 rolls long, the length of our printing tables.