940 Tyler Street, Unit #3, Benicia, CA 94510, Phone:  (707)745-4207

Ordering:  To place an order you will need to write, telephone or e-mail: Burt@burtwallpapers.com   If you call at a time when everyone is immersed in a project or gone home, you will get the answering machine. In that case, please leave your name, number, anything else, and we will get back to you.

Once your order is confirmed, we will need to receive a check or money order to reserve you a place in our printing schedule. We do not take credit cards just yet. Lead time varies, usually 3 weeks. We always print to order, except on the rare occasion that there is something in stock.

We do not have a catalog to send you.  Our website is the closest thing to a catalog that we have.  The pictures on our "patterns" page will give you the best idea of the composition of a pattern, though  for more accurate color you may wish to purchase a sample.

The samples are $1.50 each and about 8 1/2 by 11 inches, unless otherwise noted.

Please let your installer know the following:  The paper you are ordering is special, handprinted wallpaper.   It is neither pre-pasted nor pre-trimmed and will be shipped in the longest possible lengths, often in bolts 5 or 6 rolls long.  One roll is defined as 15 feet (linear) of product.  Square feet per roll varies with the width of the pattern, and is indicated beneath each picture on our patterns page.

To process your order we will need the following information:

SHIPPING Address, if different from above:

Please let us know how many yards or rolls of what you will need, and multiply by the unit price to achieve a total.

For handling and shipping, (UPS ground) add $1.25 per roll
if sold by the roll. If by the yard, then .25 per yard. _______

California residents only, please add 7.38% sales tax. _______