Free estimate:  Please send us pieces of your old wallpaper, or clear photos including some close-ups.  Expect us to take a week or two before we get it written up and mailed out.  Be sure to include your contact info. so we can ask any questions that may come up.

We prefer to have a large, original piece of wallpaper to work from, along with any unfaded samples that might be left, (look for them in the attic or basement,) such as the smaller, inset piece in the picture below.

When a large section is not available, we assemble a full repeat from fragments such as those in the following photo.  Occasionally we must redesign missing portions.

We can also separate layers of wallpaper.  Overlaps at the seams often reveal the truer colors.  The more information provided to us concerning color and overall design, the better.

Below:  An artist cuts a "color separation" that will be used in the making of a silk screen.  We usually imitate the character and nuances of the original machine or block printing as much as possible in our artwork.  A different screen is needed to print each color.  (Real silk is no longer used.  Nowadays we use polyester mesh which is more durable, thus doing our part to reduce caterpillar exploitation.)

The set-up cost for preparing a pattern to print varies depending on the number of colors involved, and the size and complexity of the pattern.  The setup cost includes artwork, screen manufacture, coating, exposure, registration, color mixing and strike-offs.  Payment of half of the set-up gets us started, with the other half upon your approval of the strike-off(s).

The production cost is based on a price per roll, and is paid in advance to secure a place in our printing schedule.

A "roll" is a unit of measure meaning 15 linear feet of product.  The wallpaper is rolled up and shipped in 5 or 6 roll lengths whenever possible.  This minimizes waste better than "singles" or "doubles" for instance, and corresponds to the length of the printing tables.  A common historic width is 18 or 19 inches, yielding 22 square feet per roll.  Trimming and pasting are to be done by your installer. (It ships better untrimmed.)

We reserve the right to continue selling our reproductions.  Our copyrights pertain to our version of a pattern only and not to the original document.

We use only high quality paper and inks, and do not print on vinyl.

Contact us at:

Burt Wall Papers
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Phone:  (707)745-4207
Or e-mail us at  to tell us about your interior restoration project.