Our recent work includes the following historic sites:


Ravenswood in Livermore, CA, for the Livermore Rec. and Park District, 4 wall and ceiling papers, c.1890's.  Front hall pictured above.

Bush House, Salem, OR, one frieze pattern, c.1890's.

Wallpaper reproduction for the Art Institute of Chicago, for their exhibit Beyond the Easel, of a pattern from the Natanson apartment in Paris,  which shows up in some of the interior paintings  by Edouard Vuillard.

Dr. Richard Eells House, Quincy, IL, one paper with border, c.1840's.


The Webb-Siegfried House, private residence, one wallpaper.  Above:  Snapshot of the Entry.

The Tays House, a two story miner's cabin near Crested Butte, CO, twelve patterns dating from the 1890's to the 1910's.

Tippesaukee Farm, Blue River, WI, matching wall, frieze and ceiling patterns, 1890's.

Hotel Fellows, Kern County Museum, Bakersfield, CA, four patterns for the dining hall, late 1910's.  This was a popular hotel in the oil-field boomtown of Fellows, in Kern County, CA, later moved onto the Museum grounds.  Pictured below: 

 The Kern County Museum purchased the building and resituated it on the museum grounds in Bakersfield.  We reproduced the wall and ceiling papers as part of their restoration effort.  Results below. Furnishings were still being acquired when the snapshots below were taken.

More information about the hotel can be found by going to  http://www.kcmuseum.org/collections.asp and click on Fellows Hotel.

Riordan Mansion, Arizona State Historic Park, Flagstaff, AZ, through Bradbury and Bradbury, one leafy 12 color pattern, c.1920's.

Paw Paw Station, Naper Settlement, Naperville, IL, one paper c.1840's.


This is an interior snapshot of the Paw Paw Post Office at the Naper Settlement in Naperville, IL. The 1840s wallpaper, authentic to the period, was reproduced from fragments found in the Rose Hotel on the Mississippi River.

More history on the Paw Paw Post Office can be found at http://www.napersettlement.org/nsmvtour.htm

Projects done with (their copyright) Bradbury and Bradbury :

Brucemore Mansion, two nursery papers designed by Walter Crane.

The Phelp's House, Des Moines County Historical Society, Burlington, IA, one paper, from 1933.

Mark Twain Residence, Hartford, CT, one paper, c.1880's. 

The Ida Saxton McKinley House, First Ladies Museum, Canton, OH, one elaborate 1880's paper.

Moss Cottage, Jekyll Island Museum, Jekyll Island, GA, one paper, c.1890's.