A set of three patterns reproduced  for a private residence, where the original machine prints  hung for a hundred years.  Pictured here as it comes off the bolt.

Napoleon Ceiling

$54. per roll

Width: 18"

Repeat:  19"

Each roll covers 22 square feet.

Napoleon Frieze

$26. per yard

Height:  18 1/2"

Repeat:  19"


Napoleon Wall

$66. per roll

Width:  18 1/4"

Repeat:  19"

Each roll covers 22 square feet.

Note:  The green metallic accents throughout are made by using aniline dye which is authentic but also more temporary than the other pigments.  As time marches on, the green sparkle may diminish, becoming a more neutral metallic.

Note:  For our purposes, a "roll" is a unit of measure equaling 15 linear feet of paper.  Rather than speak of "singles" and "doubles", we ship our paper in the longest possible lengths, often 5 or 6 rolls long, the length of our printing tables.