"The Alhambra"
Circa late 1880s.  Reproduced  for a private residence in San Francisco.

The Alhambra

$82. per roll

Width:  18"

Repeat:  15 1/2"

Note:  The reflective bluish and reddish metallic accents may eventually change to normal silver and copper respectively.    This because we mixed in a moderate amount of the authentic aniline dyed metallics, which are more fugitive.

Below, a photo from the book Old Time Wallpapers, by Kate Sanborn, published in 1905, where it is shown in a stairwell in Leicester, MA.

Note:  For our purposes, a "roll" is a unit of measure equaling 15 linear feet of paper.  Rather than speak of "singles" and "doubles", we ship our paper in the longest possible lengths, often 5 or 6 rolls long, the length of our printing tables.