Do you do use computers to do artwork?

We have found computers helpful in some phases of generating artwork.  By and large, however, we prefer to utilize an Artist in what is called "Actual Reality," a method so technologically advanced a mouse and computer are no longer needed!

Not that we entirely understand it, by any means, but here is a quick explanation of how it works:  The Artist's color image receptor, on "continuous scan mode," takes in reflected light, transforming it into neural impulses.  These impulses flow through a cord to the processor with independent intelligence, where decisions are made and command signals are generated.  These electric signals stimulate a kind of jointed appendage which then moves to precisely create the artwork.  Communication does not require a keyboard!  One can speak audibly to the Artist, even over the phone!  It often acts without any instruction.  (Usually beneficial, though sometimes problematic.)  What marvelous engineering!

Evidence of this technology has been discovered among the most ancient civilizations, so it is not something that Hewlett Packard, Apple or Microsoft came up with.  It is rather beyond them.  So who did come up with it?  Mindless atoms?



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