Just what is "historic wallpaper," exactly?
"Historic wallpaper" is a vague term, and it is really probably better to leave it at that, and not think about it too much.  However, since you asked:
It seems there are at least three ways in which wallpaper can be historic.  For instance, if a pattern represents a significant step in the history of design, it might fall into this category.  Or "historic wallpaper" could refer to any specimen whose style harkens back to some other period of Human history.  And then there is the wallpaper that was simply minding its own business, only to find itself caught up in the playing out of historic events.

One thing is for sure:  When it comes to history, wallpaper is seldom on the front lines.  Consider, for example, its relative uselessness on the battlefield, where theoretically you might brandish a roll menacingly, but one imagines it only as a sort of ineffective last resort.

Though it should not be forgotten that during our Civil War, with paper in short supply, newspapers were sometimes printed on the back of wallpaper stock.  This contribution was much appreciated by those desperate for news.

Above: Just one example of the positive influence of wallpaper.

So it is in the nature of wallpaper to play a background, supportive role.  There it remains the faithful servant, always holding up the fine paintings, or lending its presence to an important gathering.  Steady, reliable, never craving to be the center of attention.  Indeed, a soothing, harmonious influence on the psyche.

So because  "Historic wallpapers" has a whole group of potential meanings, there is no single, precise answer.



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